Mortgage Agent

Victor graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Economics in 2002 and soon after completed several mortgage financing and appraisal courses through Seneca College and the University of British Colombia.

He started his career in the mortgage industry in 2002 working with a prominent Canadian mortgage lender. Over the next several years he gained experience at four different mortgage lenders working in both the residential and commercial mortgage sectors. In 2008, he joined The Mortgage Centre as a Mortgage Agent.  

Victorʼs experience working as a lender gives him an excellent perspective in advising clientʼs on their best available alternatives and options.

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Mortgage Agent

Over half a decade of experience in the financial services industry in various roles, acquiring multiple national awards and recognitions in personal banking has helped Dorsa gain the knowledge and understanding required to help her clients generate and maintain their wealth in recent obscure markets.

As the brokerage industry is quickly claiming its fair share of the mortgage market from the “big five” in recent years, she seized the opportunity to jump ships taking advantage of access to over 50 lenders to pick and choose the best options which fits her clients’ needs.

She is committed to providing exceptional service. Your positive mortgage experience is essential to her and success of our business. Your mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you make. With a cohesive overview of current market conditions affecting the mortgage industry, she tends to transform that important decision into a powerful financial tool for you and your future.

Direct: 416-666-6838


Mortgage Agent

Demetrios prides himself on providing professional ethical and honest advice with a very high level of customer service to all his clients.  Having a background with a Bachelor of Administrative Studies helps him provide solid advice that can help determine the right fit for you and your family today and for tomorrow. 


Whether you are purchasing, looking to renovate a home, transferring a mortgage or re-finance an existing mortgage, his role is to find the most suitable mortgage product for your particular circumstance.


As a Mortgage Agent, he can offer his clients the most innovative home financing products available in the marketplace today.